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Welcome to the official home for the campaign to make blueberry our national fruit. Find out more about the campaign:

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Learn more about the benefits of blueberries, and why it should be Canada's national fruit:

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Latest News

Introducing PureBlue SuperJuice

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Vancouver-based premium juice producer Leading Brands has just last launched their newest blueberry-based beverage, PureBlue(tm) SuperJuice.  PureBlue(tm) is a 100%...

October 31 2008

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Madonna's Canadian blueberry obsession

As has been reported in the media Madonna is apparently obsessed with Canadian blueberries.  The original story was in the...

October 27 2008

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Blueberry Canada quoted in The Globe and Mail!!

Blueberry Canada was interviewed by The Globe and Mail in regards to Madonna's apparent fascination with Canadian blueberries, a fact...

October 24 2008

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